Monday, November 30, 2009

The Stabs

"Dead Wood"
sold out album launch show at The Tote in Melbourne

1-Dead Wood
2-Yellow Blues
3-Split Lips
4-The Hated One
5-The House of Peter Gun
6-That's It
7-The Family Trust
8- Aint That The News
9-No Hoper
10-Blues in F#
45 mins


go see them, buy their records and enjoy

Saturday, November 7, 2009


newish melbourne band
playing hardcore doomy metaly stuff
(i dont know what you call it)

the other night they played with La Quiete and though you should hear. i missed a few songs since they were on first.
the recording is not the greatest but will still give you an idea of what they are about. and in the first song the floor tom was causing problems, but the rest was good.

6-11-09 @ The Birmy
4 songs
18 mins
Download here

check here for more details, shows future recordings

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rowland S. Howard

This was his 'Pop Crimes'
Album Launch At Prince on 29/10/09

read Mess and Noise Review here

unfortunately i only got about half the set[25 minutes worth]then my recorder decided to do something unexpected, what i got was
1- Pop Crimes
2- Dead Radio
3- She Cried
4- Shut Me Down

download zip mp3 here

Friday, October 30, 2009

Witch Hats

Live at the Tote

New Song!

"Mahoney" (i think that's how it would be spelled)


i did have there whole set, but i ran out of room to record other bands, so a new song it better than none. quality sound too

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bang! Bang! Aids!

Live @ the Birmy on saturday 3/10/2009

first time they played in year(s) since Rhys went to china.
good to see them again..also a bit odd in a way.
normal fucked up set from the boys, with the help from some guy on a sample thing with quotes you will hear in the recording. on the last track there was also about six people on drums.
Very enjoyable.... but still a band you have to see live.

1- Dead Ant Dance
2- The Calder
3- Stoney's Man Trap
4- I'm Sorry I Didn't Know...
5-(Dont know this one)
6-(off Tales EP..but i lost it.. so dont know title)
7- White Singlet/ Black Singlet (Drunk Teeth)
over 40 mins

Download Here

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Josh (Wolfman Jack)
did a solo show at the Old Bar
on 3/8/09

its a nice little set, with new songs, sing a-longs, funny banter and a sage francis cover.

1-lord forgive
2-Do i look like a toy (new)
3-the Rain
4-untitled (new)
5-Jah Didnt Kill Johnny (cover)


(i missed the first 4 seconds of the first song, but its still good, also to much high end cut through with the guitar, but it doesn't offend so its ok)


it came to my attention that i had access to a portable recording device.
so i tested it at a gig to see how the quality turned out.
not bad.
i have herd much worse.
so i think i shall bootleg shows i got to.

What i intend to do and have been doing is
importing the stereo wav files into Pro Tools
then EQing Compressing and adding all i can to make it sound as good as possible, so kinda like a mixing mastering thing.
cut up the tracks
then i will upload as mp3 zip
for your convenience